Crypto-Currency or Investment?

3 min readMay 17, 2021
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Have you brought some cryptos as an investment? Or do you want to spend it just like any other currency? Then this article is for you.

My thoughts are going to be very easy to understand, just like the headline. We live in a new age where an investment does not necessarily mean to be in terms of securities, equities, properties, exhaustible resources such as crude oil and gold.

Thanks to the internet, an investment can be anything, all the terms mentioned above can be traded online and a new entity, known as cryptocurrency. Many of us know already what cryptocurrency is but for the sake of our article, it is being explained again-

A cryptocurrency is a digital form of a decentralised currency designed to perform secured digital transactions between 2 users- a sender and a receiver, where the ownership details and a history of transactions are stored in a computerised database, also known as a blockchain. There are ‘coins’ mined using high-tech computers by solving computational puzzles and then circulated on the market.

Now some of the cryptos have a fixed supply of coins and some have the mining projects engineered without a hassle to mine an indefinite amount. This factor influences the value of a coin, just like gold or oil. Some other factors include the influence of a famous personality (we all know who), advantages of a coin’s project, retail investors with a common motive or people just not using it (tough to swallow pill). I find people searching on google to ask ‘the best coin to invest’ and I was struck with this question-

“Aren’t we supposed to spend a currency?”

If we have learned anything from the past, we know that holding a currency or spending too much of a currency( due to inflation) is harmful to a region’s economy but we don’t care much for the crypto market since it’s global and decentralised. Consider bitcoin, today 1 BTC = $42,386.40 (as of 5/17/21) with a limited supply of 21 million coins, started ledger in 2009 and I have heard people using loads of bitcoin to buy small items till early 2013 but then the value rose as the general public and several establishments started accepting it as a mode of payment. The price rose because of its acceptance and integration with the existing economy.

“But I want to invest in a cryptocurrency and hold, Am I wrong here?”

No, you’re not. Whenever you buy a coin on any of the popular exchanges you are taking part in a transaction and selling it back on the market according to your needs. You HODL with a goal that you want to get good returns on the price you bought the currency. The market is highly influential so whenever something happens related to the coins, people usually act according to it. It’s a high risk- high reward type of game. Remember, I am not saying that if you haven’t bought a coin then you are not doing great. People tend to make mistakes in buying such assets because of the FOMO they experience and attracts quite a herd of novice investors.

“So should I spend or hold my cryptic assets? Should I buy if I haven’t?”

It is a personal decision, to be honest. If you are thinking of putting your life savings into this then reconsider, the market is infamous for being highly volatile while some of your spare money sitting idle won’t hurt you. I am not someone who is in the position to advise or to share tip and tricks but I will suggest you study the global economy, follow the news, never follow a trend or a blind tip from ‘traders’ and most importantly- NEVER REGRET.

Note- Any kind of criticism is welcomed as this is my first time writing and sharing my thoughts on the topic. Apologies to anyone who will find my article not good, I will work on this.




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